“ Is it possible to leave the hotel during my visit?”
Yes, but please leave your room key at the front desk.
“Do you have rooms for 3 or more people?”
Unfortunately our rooms can only accommodate up to 2 people.
“Do your rooms have Wi-Fi connection?”
Yes, all of our rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi.
You can enjoy the high speed internet access by using SSID and Password prepared for your room.
“Are there any parking lots / convenience stores near the hotel?”
Yes, there are several paid parking lots nearby (no hotel parking available).
Please check our map for information on nearby paid parking lots and convenience stores.
“Is there a refrigerator in the room?”
Yes, all of our rooms come equipped with a refrigerator which is free for guests to use.
“ Is it possible to stay for more than one night in a row?”
We are sorry to say but we don’t accept it.
“How long are your rest hours and free time? ”
It depends on the type of room you select.
Please check our Rates/Room Types.
“Do you accept payments by credit card?”
Yes, we accept several varieties of credit card, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club and Ginren card etcetera.*Only for those who rests more than 150 minutes or stay overnight.